Day 2 – Port Blair to Dighlipur

We started at 4 in the morning to get to Dighlipur. Port Blair is at the southernmost tip of the Great Andaman islands while Dighlipur is the northern end. The total distance is around 340 kms. Here’s the map:


The red line is the Andaman Trunk Road (ATR) that connects the two cities. It passes through some of the densest forests in the world, inhabited by the stone age Jarawas. At two pints, you need to get down from whatever vehicle you are in, cross over on ferry – people, cars, buses, et al, and continue from the other side.

The road through forests:


The first ferry crossing at Middle Strait. You can see how vehicles and people cross over on boats.


From the boat, you get a very nice view of the creek as well as the numerous small islands and the mangrove forests fringing the waterline


Here’s a close-up of the lush mangrove thickets:


We crossed over from middle strait onto Baratang island. Here we waited in little huts built on the water, for the car to come in the next boat. I took some pics while waiting.



There was a boat tied to the pillars. I tried to capture it using the window of the hut as a frame:


More vehicles cross over to join the melee on our side of the water:


While we were still in the shack, it started to rain heavily. here is a picture of the deluge


And this, after the rains..


People line up to board the state bus to Dighlipur at Baratang jetty


From here on, we went to see the Mud Volcano, which was just an anthill sized mound issuing bubbles from the top. What a let down! Here is Baba walking through the forest to get there


This is a beautiful photograph of ma, en route the Mud Volcano. When baba saw this pic, his only comment was ‘aagun laiga jaibo‘!


Strange palm trees…seen nothing like this anywhere else… locally they are known as the Umbrella Palm


Baba pretending to be a poet while waiting for the boat at Kadamtala Jetty (the second ferry crossing)


Kadamtala jetty from the boat


Stormclouds loom over the mangroves at Kadamtala


ma and baba on the boat


and thats me


Funny pic of ma chilling with some nariyal paani. Baba’s reaction to the pic was ‘khaishe!’


After ma, it was the dog’s turn to succumb to the kernel desire!


The waste paper bin becomes a hand resting place. Talk about wildlife suffering under the growing weight of humanity




Lunch at Rangat


Just outside the restaurant we had lunch in, i discovered a colony of the half-inch-long Tailor Ants. If you look closely into the following pics, you will see that the ants literally ‘stitch’ leaves of the plants together to make a nest. They are very aggressive and their sting is supposed to be very painful.



The journey from Rangat to Dighlipur was long. The road passed mostly through forests which got denser and denser with every passing mile. sometimes forests were broken by little hamlets with surrounding paddy fields. The clouds were very low. You could see them drifting through the tops of hills barely 100 meters high.

This one was taken from the moving car. Check out what i was saying about the clouds.


And this was just before everything plunged into a sudden, early night.


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  1. dear friend,

    how did you go to diglipur, were you escorted by a guide, because for a stranger it would not be possible go thorough such place on your own.
    kindly reply anup


    1. actually, before going i had done some research and i had decided to travel from Port Blair, which is at the southern end of the island to the north. So when i reached port blair, i talked to locals and figured the route out!


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  3. Amader Bishnupur terracotta collection-e thakle blog-e diyo bhai. Bhalo lagbe…
    Songe Mukutmonipur, Jhilimili, Susunia, Biharinath, Ayodhya pahar eisob pele to anonder sesh thakbe na…
    Thanks to your friend Amrit who make us see your valued blog…


    1. How do you know Amrit?
      And i have not travelled much beyond Kolkata in South Bengal, so i am afraid, at this moment, i would be unable to post the photos requested by you.
      Thanks once again for visiting my blog.


  4. Thanks for the post…Nice Information and where can i find accommodation facilities like ” hotels and resorts, 3 2 1 star in port blair”


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