This blog was conceived with Anindita is mind. Passion translates into profession and i find myself travelling across India sometimes with colleagues, at times with family but mostly alone.

Throughout my travels and occassionally in day-to-day life, i stumble across some flotsam of thought – a moment, maybe  captured on my camera. The first instinct is to turn to Anindita and say ‘look what i found..’. Due to practical reasons, however, that is not always possible.

Recently i was in the Andaman islands – as romantic a place as can be. There were times when thoughts of her were so intense that i might not have enjoyed a particular place thoroughly. Anyway, plans of coming back sometime in the future aside, this blog is meant to facilitate the sharing of photographs, incidents and anecdotes between the two of us.

What better way to start than from Andamans itself.

And Anindita, i hope you like this!

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