Day 4 – Baratang and back to Port Blair

We started from Rangat at the crack of the dawn, as usual. the destination of the day is the limestone cave at Baratang Island – the same place where we had the first ferry crossing just the day before. Only that from the jetty we take speedboats and begin the 40 km ride through the creeks to reach the other side of the island where the cave is located.

Ma and baba seem prepared for the worst


and i did too, only with a frown:


The creek at Baratamg. Apparantly they are full of saltwater crocs.


More traffic on the other side of the creek. The big boat in the distance is the ferry.


Lifejacket for protection against drowning and dupatta for protection against cold and wind-induced bad hair. Smaart baay, Rabart!


From the wide creek, the boat took a turn into the narrow mangrove channel. at times the channel was so narrow that the sides of the boat kept bumping into the roots.


From the jetty, we had to walk for like a kilometre to get to the cave. First, the road took us through the jungles


Our guide and his brother leading a group of enthusiastic travellers


More forest roads:


After some time, things started to rock! i mean the surroundings started getting rockier… and indication of the proximity to the cave.


A narrow road passes between the sentinel rocks.


And then there was a narrow bridge over a narrow brook.


I was tired of no one clicking my pics. So i stood in the middle of the ‘bridge’ till ma snapped one.







Entering the foreboding limestone caves. The inside was pitch dark. The guide was carrying an emergency lamp, the only light source once you are in.


And these, my dear friend, are the rock formations inside the cave. Over thousands of years, water had been dripping down giving rise to rocks of curious shapes. they are in a process of constant growth, sometimes they grow and change so rapidly that the change is discernable even within a few years.


Various chemicals in the water adds various ishades of colours to the rocks. The colours are not completely understandable as most of the photographs inside the caves were to point to or focus on.


And yes, it can be very claustrophobic


A stalactite


From a wide and lofty opening, the cave gradually goes narrower and narrower and the rocks weirder.


And there is ma, shouting at the rocks, apparantly. Look at the expression of fear on baba’s face. The cave does weird things to your psychy.


A stalactite descends from the woof while a stalagmite rises from the floor.. or is it the other way round? whatever… one day they will meet and form a pillar!


Leaving the caves. The rocks on the right looks like a series of faces carves on the walls.


The amazing bamboo forest. Spot the bench in the lower right corner? We sat there for a while nursing the straining legs


Back on the road and exhaustion takes over. This is when the car stopped at the forest checkpost at Jarbatang.


Who knew there was so much more to the Andamans than just sand and surf?


Of course there are deserted roads in the middle of thick forests where your car suddenly breaks down, miles away from humanity. The driver went off to the next town, 28 kms away to find us another vehicle while we waited.


Rampwalking in the forest. What people would do to pass two hours!


Obviously Baba cant do rampwalk, so he just took a stroll


and then stopped to admire the lush foliage!


Finally back in Port Blair. The runway of the town’s airport is to the right. They built two parallal roads – used one for the cars and buses and the other for Airbuses!



Funny breed of local poultry. Looks like a cross between chicken and turkey to me. Whatever it is, it’s bound to be tasty!


A pillar erected in 1914 in memory of the few residents of the islands who died fighting in the First World War for a country, they or their descendants would never set foot in.


3 thoughts on “Day 4 – Baratang and back to Port Blair

  1. Excellent and down to earth pics…… know what… i was wanting to go on a holiday for this dussehra vacation (i plan months in advance to get that hefty flight discounts) but was not sure where to go…………. your experience has solved my problem….. Its gonna be andaman and thats it………. thanks for your post once again and again again. Me getting a to and fro ticket at 13000/= per head from Hyd-chennai-port blair and back upto hyderabad if i book now for the journey to be made in october 2011……. i think it sounds good. Bye … praveen hyderabad.


    1. I usually plan ahead too, as it not only saves money but also helps me to utilise my time to the fullest. Dont think twice about going to the Andamans. Just land up there and you will be surprises wherever you go.

      All the best!


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