Day 6 – Havelock and Neil islands

This day, as usual, started at 5 in the morning. Oh i am so getting used to it. We checked out of the hotel, reached the jetty and took a boat to the marvellous Elephanta Beach (consult map on previous post) for some coral viewing and snorkelling. Post Elephanta and hopefully brakefast too, we would take the boat back to Neil Island where we would stop for the night.

The weather was back to its gloomy ways. It had actually rained the entire night and the sea was rather rough. On top of that we were in a dinghy of the most insignificant size.


Elephanta is not much of a beach. As you can see from the picture here, its a very thin strip of land surrounded by deep waters and untouched coral reef. This is a hot-bed for scuba diving and snorkelling.


A huge tree had fallen into the water and it provided an amazing scope for my shutter-happy ways. In this picture, however, you can see that a tiny drop of water has settled on my lens, thus blurring out a part of the image.


More of the fallen tree….


This one is my favourite. Check the sky out. When we were going back, it rained so much that we actually feared burial at sea!


Ma goes snorkelling….


And comes back to tell the tale.


Thats me, venturing into the reefs…


Tired and wet!


At Neil now… guess who finally decides to join the party after a week of silent observation from the dry land!


This beach was quite amazing… no matter how far out into the sea you walk, the level of water remains the same. This is just the largest swimming fool ever.


Ma is collecting shells. I dont know what baba is doing. I think he is digging a tunnel to Burma!


Who said ‘Spa’?


Look ma, i am a crocodile. Raaarrrrrrrrr……..


Like son


I believe i can fly..sorry… SWIM!




In the evening, Baba and me went to this beach, a rocky one at that where one can spot stranded aquatic life at low tide. Just like the rocks i visited in Port Blair. Ma complained of fatigue and stayed back at the hotel. The rocks were strewn with pieces of broken coral.


There were limestone cliffs surrounding the beach. In case of this one, the sea has worked its way into creating an arch. The locals call it the ‘Howrah Bridge’.


A rock that has been gnawed to the bone by the sheer force of the sea!


The loow tide leaves pubbles like these on the beach. They form the best places to spot unique sea life forms.




Sea amemones. If you touch them they retract into the rocks. Vry much like the touch-me-nots or what we call in Bangla lajjabati


Who knew that corals come in metallic shades too!


Finger corals!


Another kind of coral!


For some weird reason, i wore a kurta to the beach!


The amazing beach where we saw the sunset! The little man to the right is baba!


Another one!


The main bazaar at Neil Island at night!


The biggest grocery shop of the tiny island!


4 thoughts on “Day 6 – Havelock and Neil islands

  1. Nic pics 🙂 thanks for the details.. where we can stay in Neil Island.. we are planning to visit in Dec 1st week. thanks.


    1. Hi Ashok, There are some resorts and budget hotels in the island but mind you i went there around three years back. A lot of things would have changed. I am sure a google search will yield better reasults. But do book beforehand


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