Ramzan in Delhi

Last Ramzan (August-September 2009) Aamir and I along with some other friends from Genpact (where i used to work earlier) went for an iftar mission to Old Delhi. Lucky for me, i decided to take my camera along. I took some shots and while i sat and looked at them, the desire to do something different with them became increasingly stronger.

I have always been inspired by graphic and comic book art and one of my very few regrets in my life is that i cant draw to save my life. Even in the digital domain, my knowledge is immensely limited. So i summoned up whatever knowledge i could and worked on the pics. Here are my first baby steps to graphic-city

ramzan project 1

ramzan project 2

ramzan project 4

ramzan project 6

ramzan project 7

ramzan project 8

ramzan project 9

ramzan project 12

ramzan project 13

ramzan project 14

ramzan project 15

ramzan project 16

ramzan project 17

ramzan project 18

ramzan project 19

ramzan project 21

ramzan project 22

ramzan project 23

ramzan project 25

ramzan project 26

Until we meet again, friends…

6 thoughts on “Ramzan in Delhi

  1. Such yummy food u guys must have had!! by the way, who took the last pic? Amir sitting on the back of your bike? awesome pic!


  2. What is more captivating? The essence of conquering or actualizing the breath of a forgotten era that chooses to reside in a corner visited by all but realized by few?
    Kudos to you for capturing the details in such precision!


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