Suddenly Shekhawati

For years, I have been wanting to go to Shekhawati. But whenever I did have the time, i scooted off to the Himalayas. But this time around, an impromptu plan took shape. My friend Rohit was about to visit his parents at their village outside Jhunjhunu and I decided to tag along. We took a 10:30 pm bus from Sarai Kale Khan which dropped us off to Jhunjhunu bus depot around 5 in the morning. As luck would have it, we immediately got the first bus out of Jhunjhunu and headed out towards his village in the early morning darkness.

But no, this was not the end of the journey. The bus dropped us by the side of the road, some 15 kms from Jhunjhunu. Rohit disappeared in the darkness, only to reappear with a guy and a jeep who agreed to drive us to his village of Bajawa, 3 kms further. The next three days were blissful. We walked around the village, climbed sand dunes, went for a joyride on a camel cart and made a day trip to the nearby Nawalgarh to look at the painted havelis.

Rohit’s mom adds colour to the mustard fields

Ok, I have to admit that I have shamelessly lifted the iodea of this shot from Sriparna’s Travelling Teadom site

DSC_0355 (2)
Peacock, cattle, backyards and the distant dune – view from my window
DSC_0355 (3)
I spent much of my early childhood in a village where I saw a lot of these weaver-bird nests. This tree did bring back a lot of memories.
DSC_0355 (5)
Rolling mustard fields
DSC_0355 (6)
Looks like wild flowers
DSC_0355 (7)
Looking out over the village from the sand dune. Just a patchwork of colours
DSC_0356 (2)
Sunset on the dune
Close-up of a temple door
DSC_0357 (1)
Indian roller. Pity I was shooting with a 18-55
DSC_0357 (2)
I sneaked up on this one
DSC_0357 (3)
A long-tailed shrike
DSC_0357 (4)
Another long-tailed shrike
Waiting for someone to come home at the end of the day
Mustard sunset
Green and Yellow
Riding the camel cart
Rohit inspecting the baya colony
Our village transport
Empty houses sway in the wind
Crazy grass lanterns
Village highway
Gentle on the curves
Lovely evening light

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