Tabula Rasa

This is unfamiliar territory. Uncharted waters if there ever was one. I have always been a little dense at poetry. Unsurprisingly I am also a really crap poet.

I once bought my girlfriend a book. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, in case you are curious. Nothing out of the ordinary, buying your girlfriend a book. What was alarming was the little limerick I composed for her in the book. Let’s just say that one of the lines was just composed of the words ‘hee hee hee’. Yes, that bad.

So this morning as I came in to work, I found myself in a funk. My head was a big blank. If I could look into my own eyes, they would look like the eyes of a recently deceased person. So I did what one must do at times like these… write poetry.

Now its time to unleash the beast on to you. Be warned, for here be monsters!

It’s always been a crowd in here
Ironic, really
Because I hate crowds.
There’s always been pushing and shoving
There’s always been the struggle to come out in front
Most of the time it’s amusing
Sometimes a bit of a nuisance

The constant crowd does not
Prepare you for a mass desertion
One morning you wake up,
You look to the left
You look to the right
You look up and you look down
(Because the world is three dimensional, silly)
Not a soul in sight!

The silence is eerie,
The blankness is unfamiliar.
Not a thought floats past
Not a memory peeks at you from behind a door
Suddenly it’s a whole lot of nothing
Tabula rasa?
Aye, tabula rasa

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