Snapshot: Dancing away the Blues in Dharamkot

You and i,
we’re on a journey in
this land of
rivers and roots and roads.
all these things
are much like each other.
roads have roots
some roots connect to rivers
and some rivers
are roads too, of course.
they all weave
in the same way, coming
together and parting
in a symphony of confluences.
everything touches everything
and every particle and wave
are connected, changing,
growing, moving, weaving, loving, and
you and i,
we are here together now
maybe we too
will have to part again.
and that’s okay.
a good sense of direction,
will guide us
and lead us back home.
just as we
came home this time around.
Manasi Saxena, wordsmith and storyteller par excellence

It had to be the Himalayas. Where in the Himalayas is another question altogether. As the sun hammered down on the anvil that is Delhi, the mercury was given a further boost by the general election. One could only dream – of a small room in the hills, of pugdundees and fog drifting in through the trees; of long conversations with the mountains and failed attempts at photographing the milky way. It had to be Dharamkot.

The first time I lay eyes on the Dhauladhars, way back in 2005, I rested at Dharamshala on my way to Triund. On my next trip a couple of years later, I discovered McLeodgunj, one step higher in the Dhauladhars than Dharamshala and one step holier, being the seat of HH the Dalai Lama. A small, family run guest house on the Tushita Road was the proverbial cherry on top. I kept coming back here to unwind till I noticed that McLeodgunj had grown too crowded for my taste. So one step higher I went in the Dhauladhars, to the village of Dharamkot.

Here you get a basic, clean room with hot water for Rs 500. There are numerous cafes around the village with great continental food and great walks all around. Just what I needed for a quick reboot. This is also where news reached me that my sister had lust delivered a little girl! Here’s hoping that weekend tourists do not discover Dharamkot!

Here are some photographs.

(Please click on any photograph to open slideshow)

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