[Mobile Photography] B/W

I am greatly in love with the frozen beauty of a moment. I try to capture this beauty as much as possible using a DSLR, or as some of my friends would like to call it, a ‘proper camera’. Most, if not all of the photographs on this blog have been shot using one. Things, however, started to change in the last two years or so when I got me a Google Nexus 5 smartphone.

This started a very bewildering phase of my life. I did not need to lug my SLR along. All I needed was the phone and for editing, a decent app. Over time, these images built up in my backup drive until one day i decided to revisit them. Turns out some of them are not half bad.

Hence this post. Ideally, this is be the first of an ongoing post on mobile photography, hopefully around themes. All the images below have been shot on the Nexus 5 and have been edited on the Snapseed app. Though the app has options for filters, I have chosen not to apply any. Instead all of them have been edited by adjusting parameters like brightness / contrast, shadows / highlights, saturation, etc.

Today’s theme: Black and White

Starting off with the iconic, albeit through induced graininess: Matia Mahal on Bakreid. Photograph taken from the steps of Jama Masjid
Prelude to a journey: Passengers wait for a train to depart at the Delhi Cantt station
Sweet dreams: My ten day old niece
Stillness of the night: Ode to a power cut
The Enchanted Forest: Mist rolls through the Dhauladhar mountains above Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh
Thoughts: Fuzzy and slightly out of focus
Running in the rat race: Rush hour at Nehru Place Market, New Delhi
On the outside, looking in
The goddess of the deserted parking lot
Almost alien: Late night at a metro station in Delhi


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