Four Passes Trek

So this is what my life has come to – my friends do the hiking and I post about them while contemplating strategies to rein in the steadily rising cholesterol levels in my blood. Well done, life, well done.


So three of my friends – Padma, Rohit and Sriparna flagged off a clandestine ‘Himalaya One’ project in the summer of 2013. The first trek started in Naggar (Kullu Valley) and ended in Kafnu (Kinnaur Valley). Over 19 days, the trio crossed four passes (Chandrakhani, Rashol, Pin Parvati and Bhaba), celebrated a birthday, got lost and in the process walked for over 200 kilometres.

The video below was shot with Rohit’s GoPro and edited by Akash Mohimen.

If like me, you are more of a stills person, you can find photographs from the trek here

Here’s what you can expect in the album:

More on the travellers

Sriparna’s love for tea and travel comes together wonderfully in this blog:


One thought on “Four Passes Trek

  1. Epic job with the photos. The video reminds me a of a first person shooter though 😀 😀


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