[Mobile Photography] Markets

One central aim of this series  is to prove that you do not really need a fancy DSLR to take good photographs. Even though I do own a said fancy camera and a number of lenses, I have discovered that a decent mobile camera and a good editing app will cover most of your photographic needs.

Yes, there are restrictions when it comes to mobile photography. Your low light abilities are restricted. So is your ability to zoom in. But playing within these margins has helped me develop a my own style – one that relies predominantly more on the composition of the shot.

As I said in my previous post, all the images below have been shot on the Nexus 5 and have been edited on the Snapseed app. Though the app has options for filters, I have chosen not to apply any. Instead all of them have been edited by adjusting parameters like brightness / contrast, shadows / highlights, saturation, etc.

Today’s theme: Markets



4 thoughts on “[Mobile Photography] Markets

  1. Interesting set of photos… Yes, smartphone camera is turning out to be a splendid performer for most photos. Had a friend who resorted to an iPhone and Nexus instead of their point and shoot, in Ladakh. 😁


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