[Mobile Photography] As Seen in the City #2

This is a continuation of my photographic adventures in the city, armed to the teeth with my mobile camera. This is also an effort to convince myself (and any others that need convincing) that you do not need a DSLR to take good photographs.

No, I am not replacing my DSLR with my Nexus 5, not yet. I am using the mobile to go where the DSLR might be conspicuous or unwieldy. Let’s look at some images then:


A man waits for his flight announcement at IGIA, New Delhi


Vegetable seller adds a dash of colour to my street on a rain soaked morning


Delhi on a rainy afternoon


Continuing with the theme of precipitation: Going to work on a rainy winter morning


Waiting for my dumplings to arrive, at a restaurant in McLeodgunj, Himachal Pradesh


More Rains!! This time it is the seat of the government


I loved the sky in this otherwise nothing photo


If i could capture the spirit of my hometown Siliguri in one photo, this would be it.

My previous experiments with  mobile photography: Markets, Black and White, Delhi’s fiery sunsets and more street photography.

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