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32 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Great Blog Bodhi! It was quite refreshing to go through your posts….! You are not only a good writer but a great photographer as well!!!….:) 🙂


  2. Was going thru your blog. I saw the house in Manicktala about which you have written. Just wanted to know is it possible to hire that house for film shooting purpose. I am an independent film maker from Kolkata. Kindly let me know.

    Best regards
    Bhaskar Banerjee


  3. Bullet Love My Friend … and everything follows … amazing pics and a brilliant blog … guess biking adds refinement to life. Was new to Delhi and liked reading your stuff … gained confidence and now my bullz gonna be less dusty thank you : )




  4. Hi my name is yemi..Am from Africa presently in Hyderabad. i want to go to Assam but i hear is not safe as terrorist issues…how true is this….


    1. Hi Yemi,

      While it bis true that there are some disturbances in the state from time to time, but it is largely safe for tourists. As you have seen, i travelled widely across Assam and saw nothing that threatened me even a little. Follow the usual safety precautions you do anywhere: respect local culture and people, avoid travelling at night and try and not travel alone.
      It is a beautiful place, enjoy its beauty!


  5. These photographs are really fascinating. It reminds me of my Golden days, which I lost when I crossed my teens. Yes it is true that is is so near yet so far my beloved darling Dooars.

    I congratulate the blogger to put up these beautiful Dooars before all.

    my mail id is “”


  6. Dear Bodhi……….been following your blog for sometime now……..from Assam to the Andamans………..from Pushkar to the dooars…….beautiful pics and great stories……walk on!!


  7. That’s a nice blog and beautiful pictures.I saw your post on Ajmer , my grandparents used to stay there and I used to visit them during my summer vacations 🙂 it made me recollect those beautiful days.


  8. Hi,
    I came across a stunning photograph on Flickr and I was wondering if you would allow me use it as an invitation card. Of course, I will pay for it !
    Also, would you be interested to do a shoot for me ?
    I think your work is lovely, keep it going … 🙂


    1. Hi,

      Which photograph were you talking about? As much as i like the idea of a shoot, you must understand that i am an amateur with no professional experience whatsoever. On top of that, i have a job that barely leaves me with enough time to cook my own meal (so to say!).


  9. i love ur blogs
    probably best version i ever have seen
    all my sweet memories of the duars all beautifully compiled and put into one!


  10. AWSUM!!! pics as usual.I suggests you to visit patal bhuvneshwar in pithoragarh in uttarakhand(kumaon) you’ll definately love the place its amazing and really want to see the place captured in ur Camera.and description in ur blog…keep writing!!keep capturing!!


    1. Thank you so much, Ranjana. A visit to Munsiyari is on the cards sometime in the near future. Will combine Patal Bhubaneshwar with it. Thanks for reading and thank you even more for the kind words


  11. a very lively account of omkareshwar, one of the photo had resemblance to my village hill gateway of bhairav garhi near bhrdaghat on southern bank, god bless u.


  12. beyond lust, why dont u start writing books on your excursions? the books will sponsor your next journey and fun too!!


  13. buddy, guide me pls…im going to almora in mid June….after reaching almora I want to go option is sattal(ymca site), kausani and chaukori

    other option is pithoragarh and surrounding area…which route I ll have more water falls, jungle, and village life..pls guide
    pankaj delhi


  14. i have many innovative ideas regarding theme-based tree-plantation as darshneeya dharm-sthal sthaapna, if anyone interested, call me, i can relocate for this sacred initiative: Sumit kumar 09425605432


  15. Hello, I would like to download and add to my collections 2-3 erotic photos you have posted. Can I have your permission.- Gouri Satya, Sr. Journalist, Mysore, Karnataka


  16. Hello Bodhisattva Sen Roy,

    I am doing some research for my next trip to India – and found your blog searching for a couple of specific place names. Congratulations on the words and the photographs – excellent work – and many thanks for publishing the blog.

    Tashi delek



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