Day 1 – Port Blair


We reached Port Blair at 7:30 in the morning. We had to wait till 9 for the tourist office to open so that we could get accommodation. We stayed at Hornbill Nest (above) that commands a stunning view of the sea and the road that snakes by it.


This was the view from the verandah of the cottage we stayed in. I love the dark clouds… sets a very dramatic mood!



More views of the sea.

After we had settled down, i went for a walk down to the rocks by the seaside. The hotel was on top of a hill and as i was walking down, i got a nice photograph of the sea through the seas:


It was low tide when i reached the sea-side rocks. As the waters had receded, it had left several pools where one could see stranded marine creatures. This colourful gentleman is called a hermit crab. Unlike other crabs, he does not have a hard shell and is hence very vulnerable. So to protect itself, it makes its home inside discarded sea shells. As they grow in size, they keep moving from smaller to larger shells.


And these are cant see the whole animal as its hiding under some rocks. They look more like octopuses though!


The rocks itself were fascinating. They look as if they have been chiselled away in an organised fashion in straight lines. While quarrying could be a possibility, natural causes would make these formations all the more fascinating.


In the afternoon, the three of us went to Corbyn’s Cove, the only beach of Port Blair


And that, as you know is me, at Corbyn’s Cove


..and then, its ma and baba.


But there were you too, Anindita..or atleast something that reminded me of you


These are fiddler crabs. They like in little burrows on beaches and rocks. The disproportionately large claws are used for burrowing and also to impress females and help the little fellow get laid.

The road back to the town passes by the sea and i stopped at a couple of places to capture the views. Here are some shots taken from the road.




Port Blair has an extensive watersports complex. When we went there, however, it was closed. But you could still walk around on the brightly painted piers. Here’s a photo:


Port Blair is a very picturesque city. It has a feel of a hill station as most of the island is mountainous. Here’s how the Marina (it is to Port Blair what Marine Drive is to Mumbai) looks at night. The photograph was taken from the ramparts of the Cellular Jail