[Mobile Photography] Delhi Sunsets

It is true that on most days, the air over Delhi is unbreathable at best; but then there are those evenings when the city throws you off with rich shades of crimson streaked over the azure skies. Few and far between they might be, but breath-taking they always are. Work leads me to commute between Delhi and Noida, and the route includes some open stretches along the Yamuna where the grasslands accentuate the beauty of the skies.

The images that will follow have bee clicked over the period of a year and range from late spring, early winter to late monsoon evenings.  All the images below have been shot on the Nexus 5 and have been edited on the Snapseed app. Though the app has options for filters, I have chosen not to apply any. Instead all of them have been edited by adjusting parameters like brightness / contrast, shadows / highlights, saturation, etc.

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